Airtel 4G -LTE WiFi Data Card

  • Description:

    Brand:AIRTEL; Model:E5573s-606; Product: 4G WiFi data Card; Save:Rs.3899/-; Description: LTE CAT-4 Mobile Wifi; Able to Connect with Laptop,Smart Phones,Tablet,PC,Notebook & Different Type of wi-fi devices. Support wifi 2.4GHz/5 GHz; Support double External antenna interface; Battery 1500MAh(Maximum LTE 6 hours working time & 300 hours stand by time); Create a WiFi Hotspot for up to 10 devices& Connect at the Same time; No USB port required Battery lasts up to 6 hours; Create a Wi-fi zone Anywhere with 4G Hotspot.It is a battery-operated wifi router that fits in your pocket. Enjoy 4G even on non-4G Devices; Stay connected for 6 hours;

Rs 5,999
Rs 2,100

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