Body Massager 17 in 1 Attachments Magnetic Extra Power

  • Description:

    Same day delivery in Hyderabad(GHMC), subject to availability 
    of the product.
    Brand : ozomax; 
    Product : Body Massager 17 in 1 Attachments Magnetic Extra Power;
    Professional HIGH POWER  17 in 1
    For whole body massage.
    With SEVENTEEN different attachments.;
    Two speeds to give fast and slow massage.;
    Handy and comfortable design...............
    1.  Pin Point Massage- Pin Point Massage for concentrated
    & deep penetrating massage.;
    2.  Face Massage-Use on face for charming and glowing skin.;
    3.  Facial Care -The delicate tissues of the sponge cleanses
    & massages skin & makes it more smooth.;
    4.  Hard Head Massage- Enjoy benefit of hard head massage
    preferably be used with oil.;
    5.  Cervical Pain Reliever- The four point provides balance
    force when massaging.;
    6.  Whole Body - For whole body massage and relaxation.;
    7.  To improve blood circulation & to maintain proper shape.;
    8.  Elbow & knee massager -For the massage of cavity type
    body parts as elbow & behind knees.;
    9.  Body Manipulator- Large concentric rings give unique
    variable massaging action.;
    10.  For Muscular relaxation , to ease & relive stressed muscle
    & to remove back ache.;
    11. For relief in headache & tension.;
    12. Beast Massage- To maintain proper shape and improvisation
    of blood circulation.;
    13. Acupressure Massage -For whole body massage through
    acupressure therapy.;
    14. Soft Head Massage scalp massage to reduce dandruff &
    to increase hair .;
    15. Muscles stimulator-Reaches deep deep down the body and
    assists muscle- toning.;
    16. Neck Massage- Can be used on back side of neck for pain
    Magnetic Attachment Holder- (For attachment no. 1-16)can
    also be used individually for maximum vibrating massage.
    Caution : Don't use continuously for more than 20 minutes to prevent over heating and damage to the massager
    also be used individually for maximum vibrating massage;
    Seller : Sri Balaji Marketing

Rs 999
Rs 700

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