Dr. Aquaguard Booster Water purifier

  • Description:

    Same day delivery in Hyderabad(GHMC), subject to availability 
    of the product.
    Purifying Technology:Ultra Violet (UV);
    Applicable TDS Range in Input Water:1- 200 mg/litre;
    Filtration / Purification Modules:Patented Heptapure Cartridge, 
    Biotron Cartridge, Mineral Guard, UV Chamber;
    Installation Type:Wall Mounting;
    Purified Water Flow Rate:2 litres/minute;
    Dimensions (W X D X H) in mm:307 x 102.5 x 391;
    Net weight	:4.7 Kg;
    Operating/Input Voltage:230 V AC/50HZ;
    Power Rating/Consumption:43 Watts;
    Ultraviolet Lamp:8 Watts;
    Recommended for-
    Water sourced from rivers & lakes, having low TDS, which does 
    not taste salty.
    Unique e-Boiling+-
    Ensures that every drop of water you drink is as safe, as healthy as 
    water boiled for over 20 minutes.
    Intelligent Purity Sensor (IPS) -
    Continuously scans water to give you either absolutely pure water or no 
    water that stays healthy always!
    Biotron -
    It magnetizes water and de-clusters water molecules to make the water
     more "bio-available" by unlocking the nutrients in water, promising you
     the healthiest water.
    Auto Shut Off- 
    Automatically switches off the UV lamp if the purifier is not used for 10
     minutes, enhancing the life of UV lamp.
    Booster Pump-
    Needs no running water
    Warranty – The Goods are warranted against defects arising from faulty
    designs, workmanship and materials for 12 months from the date of 
    Installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier 
    subject to the Terms and Conditions applicable.
    Seller : Aqua Services

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