Dr. Gene Bathroom Weighing Scale

  • Description:

    Same day Delivery in Hyderabad(GHMC), Subject to availability of the product.
    Product: Weighing Scale
    Model: RTZ Series
    -Designed for personal body weighing
    -Easy to read 
    -Division by one kg
    -Non Slip Platform
    -Capacity of 130 Kg
    -Approved by Dept. of weight and measurement
    -Place Your Scale on Flat Surface.
    -Stand gently, display will vary if you move.
    -Adjust dial to zero before use.
    -Do not use for legal trade.
    Cleaning: Use a soft cloth slightly moistened with mild detergent solution,
     Do not use Abrasive Cleaners.
    Warranty: One Year Warranty

Rs 1,295
Rs 999

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