Kent 7 Ltr Excell Plus RO Water Purifier

  • Description:

    Brand : Kent,
    Model : Excell Plus,
    Technology : RO+UV,
    Water Type : Soft Water,
    Purification : 15 liters,
    Storage	: 7 liters,
    Material : ABS Plastic,
    Length : 39 cm,
    Width : 20 cm,
    Height : 52 cm,
    Weight	: 10.7 kg,
    Period	: 12 months,
    Type : Manufacturer Warranty,
    Input Power : 60 watts..
    -> CE Certified,'
     -> Double Purification by RO & UV with TDS controller,
     -> After a pre-set time, Filter Change Alarm is audible -> 
    which indicates time to replace the filters. If filters are 
    not changed within next 60 hours of use, the purifier stops 
    functioning, to avoid the possibility of impure water 
    delivery 7 ,
    -> litre hydrostatic tank makes water available on 
    demandFully automatic operation with auto-start and auto-off,
    WQA, USA - Gold Seal Certified Equally suitable for water 
    from all sources such as bore-wells, overhead storage tanks, 
    water tankers and even municipal taps,
    -> In case the UV stops functioning, UV Fail Alarm is 
    audible. The purifier does not function until the UV lamp is 
    replaced to ensure the delivery of only 100% pure water,
    ->  Computer Controlled Operation with Filter Change Alarm & 
    UV Fail Alarm,
    ->  Pushfit components for leakproof performance,
    -> ABS construction for corrosion free lifespan,
    ->  Spin-welded ..
    -->Free Home Delivery within 24 hrs in Hyderabad(GHMC).

Rs 19,500
Rs 17,200

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