La Coppera Copper Jug 2.3L

  • Description:

    Next day Delivery in Warangal(GWMC),Subject to availability of the product. 
    Brand:La Coppera
    Model:Premium Special
    Product:Aqua Jug
    Box Contain:1 Pc
    Material:Pure Copper
     Keep Water in copper pots.Over Night-Drink it in the morning and start your day with 
    good health.
    The Advantage of copperware is in the metal,copper itself.
    The use of copper,the wonder metal,is recommended worldwide to regulate digestion 
    and cardiac disorders.
    copper the best purifier is boon of our life.
    Do not use for storing acidic liquids,fruit juices & Vinegar to remove tarnish from copper
    pots use lemon halves
    dipped in salt or copper cleaner or buttermilk to remove the patches of corrosion. 
    After treating,wash promptly soap and water,rinse and dry.

Rs 870
Rs 719

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