Maha Supremo (Specialized Product)

  • Description:

    Maha Supremo is an excellent quality blended cement conforming to IS 455-1989 produced by MHIPL to meet the requirements of structural concrete as well as finishing works. It is manufactured from specially prepared clinker and superior quality GGBS to deliver even in harsh climatic condition of North and East India. Owing to its advanced method of separate grinding and blending used, Maha Supremo has high fineness and optimum slag content which ensures excellent early strength and durability properties. Maha Supremo not only meets the requirement of IS 455, it surpasses the strength requirement of high grade ordinary cement. 5 in 1 ADVANTAGES of Maha Supremo:- Best Strength: Owing to its high fineness, concrete made with Maha Supremo develops superior strength at all ages; 3, 7, 28 days and beyond. Best Finish: The surface obtained with Maha Supremocement will be smooth and crack free – most suitable for all finishing works. With lighter shade, Maha Supremo can be used with little white cement for various decorative exterior finishes.: Best Workability: The superfine fineness of Maha Supremo makes it possible to get more homogeneous and good workable concrete and mortar. The concrete does not segregate and helps to make concrete free from defects like honey combing. Best Protection: The fine particles of slag and increased CSH gel formation, helps to reduce pore size and improve pore refinement, leading to excellent impermeable concrete, protecting steel from corrosion. Best Durability: Also the superior quality tamper proof air tight packing ensures you factory fresh cement at your doorstep without any worry of adulteration and loss on handling.

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