Saloon Kit With Laser Cream

  • Description:

    Personal Saloon kit is a washable Bag with a fitment for the tools that are used to carry 
    by ourself to Saloon shops to  prevent from unwanted Diseases, to feel safe and 
    healthy Haircut or Shave for Men.  
    Bag Contains:
    - Full Length 100% Polyster reusable Apron in Blue Color.
    - Stainless Steel Scissor with one side tooth sothat no need to Sharpen
    - Laser Brand Regular Shaving Cream
    - Nylon smooth Shaving Brush that can give you full Foam for effective shave
    - Laser Brand Blades 10 No's
    - Ayurvedic Antiseptic Ethyl Alcohol After Shave Lotion to stop immediate bleed
    - 2 types of Combs which is used by barber
    - Barber Shaving Knife
    - All the above are fixed in a fittment with a washable Bag
    There is partition inside the Bag to keep Apron, we can use Napkin, 
    Nail cutter, Small water spray bottle, etc.
    NOTE: Devilery Time 2-3 Working Days

Rs 1,699
Rs 1,499

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