Saloon Kit with Laser Sports Foam

  • Description:

    Saloon kit is a washable Bag with a fitment for the tools that are used 
    to carry by ourself to Saloon shops to  prevent from unwanted Diseases, 
    to feel safe and healthy Haircut or Shave for Men.  
    - Full Length 100% Polyester reusable Apron in Blue Color.
    - Stainless Steel Scissor with one side tooth so that no need to Sharpen
    - Laser Brand Regular Shaving Foam (Shake well before Use )
    - Laser Brand Blades 10 No's
    - Ayurvedic Antiseptic Ethyl Alcohol After Shave Lotion to stop immediate bleed
    - 2 types of Combs which is used by barber
    - Barber shaving knife
    - All the above are fixed in a fitment with a washable Bag
    There is partition inside the Bag to keep Apron, we can use Napkin, 
    Nail cutter, Small water spray bottle, etc..
    NOTE: Delivery Time 2-3 Working Days

Rs 1,699
Rs 1,499

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