USHA Aquagenie 6Lt Blue Water Heater

  • Description:

    Technical Specification:
    Capacity	:6 Lt;
    Colors	:Blue;
    Gross Weight(kg)	:6.8 Kg;
    Rated Water Pressure(Bar)	:0.6 Mpa;
    Voltage	:220-240V AC, 50Hz;
    Wattage	:2500W;
    -High Pressure with-standing capacity of upto 6 bar, suitable for high rise buildings;
    -High grade heating element-Incoloy 800 Element with enamel coating for longer life;
    -Blue Sapphire Enamel Coating on Tank to prevent from Rust and corrosion;
    -Heavy duty magnesium anode rod to prevent rust & corrosion-enhances life even with hard water.;
    -Weather proofing IPX4;
    -Dry Heating Protection;
    -Multi function Safety Valve which releases pressure when pressure.Exceeds limit & prevent backflow of water plus drain out water when saftey breached;
    -High grade thermostat (VDE Mark) & Thermal cutout (VDE Mark)to cut off electricity when temperature exceeds set limit.
    -Earth Leaking Protection.Device Protects against electric shock in case of any leakage.
    -High Grade superior PUF insulation reduces heat loss & Improves energy efficiency.
    -4 Star Rated as per BEE standards to save on electricity Bills.;
    -5 Year Tank Warranty and 2 Year Safety Device Warranty;
    -Free Home Delivery Available within 24 Hrs in Hyderabad(GHMC);

Rs 8,000
Rs 6,700

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