VR Box 3D Glasses

  • Description:

    Next day Delivery in Warangal(GWMC), Subject to availability of the product. 
    Product:VR Box(Virtual Reality)3D Glasses
    Type:Wearable Headset
    Ideal For:Smart Phones
    Warranty: No Warranty
    -Made of high-quality plastic 
    USe of Three steps:
    * Enter the application market. Download game resources.
    * Play downloaded video resources, must be about split-screen format.
    * Set up after you can start to use.
    Access to Resources:
      Resources are mainly divided into three categories.
    - Mobile VR games: The rotation of the head with the remote control Perspective by End game action.
    - 360 anoramic video: You can download a good video,through the head turn Automatic control perspective, enjoy the scenery around.
    - 3D movies: You can choose to watch videos online, you can also download their own good movies into your phone.
    Seller: TSAP Mobile Accessories

Rs 1,299
Rs 399

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