Q) What is the general time of delivery for any orders?

A) Our delivery partner can deliver your order on the same day itself. However, if your order placed after the stipulated time, it may be delivered on the next day. Most of the deliveries would take place within 12 hours of the placement of the order.

Q) Whether I can cancel my order?

A) Yes. But, cancellations will not be entertained after the order gets delivered. If you request for a cancellation at the time of the processing your order, it may be cancelled. The cancellation must be before the product or service gets dispatched from the vendor (seller).

Q) Can I get my money back on cancellations?

A) Yes. You will get your money back within 15 working days after deducting the applicable charges.

Q) Whether I can return the product to you?

A) Yes. You can return the product to the vendor (seller) directly, but not to Adnigam. We don’t provide any reverse logistic services.

Q) If I get a wrong or physically damaged product, can I get it replaced?

A) Yes. The vendor has to send the correct product without any damages. He must ensure that the product is brand new and original.

Q) Do I need to pay shipping or delivery charges?

A) Yes. Sometimes the vendors offer the products or service delivery at free of cost. But, if they do not provide the delivery for free, you need to pay the shipping charges. If you desire to get your product much faster, than the normal delivery time, within 2 hours and 4 hours, you must pay the extra cost which it requires.

Q) Whether you provide any guarantee or warranty on any product that is being sold on your website?

A) No. Adnigam doesn’t provide any guarantee or warranties on any product or service is being sold on our website. We are only the service providers. We provide our platform to sell the products online. The vendors who sell the products or services only provide any such facility subject to their internal policies.

Q) What is the benefit of ‘Reserve’ option to me, how does it work?

A) The Reserve option provides you to advance book the fast selling offer/product to avoid losing the opportunity to purchase the offer on time. You need to pay 10% of the total price in advance to the vendor to reserve your product and the rest you can pay after receiving the product either from the vendor’s shop or by delivery if provided. The amount paid for the reserve option must be utilized to purchase the same product that you have chosen or to buy any other product from the vendor. But, the paid amount of reserve option can’t be returned at any conditions.

Q) What is this ‘Customize your order’ option, how will it help me?

A) Customize your order option provides you the interactive features which can connect you with the vendors directly. It can be used for sending any kind of enquiries regarding the product/service availability, supply, delivery, bulk orders and extra services by the vendor. You can put any request for any product or service which is immediately not available on the website. The vendor may call you back to fulfill your requests at the earliest.


Q) How can I become a seller or vendor with you?

A) You can send us a request by filling up the details in ‘Sell with us’ option

Q) How do I get paid?

A) You will be paid after 7 working days upon the fulfillment of the order to the consumer

Q) What are the charges applicable to me?

A) Adnigam provides you the customized and specially designed subscription packages. On all the packages, you need to pay the service tax. You shall also have to pay the transaction charges for the purchases take place on our website.

Q) Whether I can cancel my subscription, and desist from your website?

A) Yes. But, the amount paid for the subscription will not be paid back. You can avail the services until the subscription period expires.